Interesting question

Is anybody comparing the rate of spread between regions in the northern hemisphere relative to how things are spreading south of the equator? A huge question is whether warmer weather will slow things down. Since it’s still warm down under, is anyone comparing the rates of spread to see if warm weather actually has that effect?

Michel Rottman

Virginia City Highlands

Time to clean up?

Donald Trump the plump chump called the coronavirus a hoax? The Trump Depression is here! Joe Biden for President, folks. The stock markets crashed because the GOP choked. Building a wall won’t help. It’s Trump’s fault you’re broke. Trillion dollar tax cuts for Trump, but no insurance for the sick? A pandemic on the loose is now sinking our economic ship. Thousands will die, while Trump tweets and golfs all the while. Republicans, do as you’re told! Fox News says, “Sieg Heil.” Don’t wash your hands. Cough on everyone you can. It’s all a liberal media conspiracy to make Trump look bad again. Sneeze all you please! “A Democrat hoax” we ignore. We delusional right-wingers will buy from the Alex Jones store—nanosilver solutions and other various, worthless snake oils. A fool and his money are soon parted; idiocy takes its toll. Trump keeps shaking hands, even though he’s not at all young. If I were Trump, I’d borrow that gas mask from Matt Gaetz and run! Get to Air Force One and fly away off to Russia for his final days. Vladimir Putin can take care of his pathetic puppet dotard tool Trump. We’ll send Trump’s evil brood (Ivanka, Donald Junior and Eric) straight to the White Trash dump! While we Americans reclaim the White House from Russian control, those Republican traitors will cry, As they’re kicked out and sent home.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, California

Registered complaint

Re “The registry” (cover story, March 12):

I am writing in regard to Jane Callahan’s story regarding AB 579. I found the article alarmist, poorly researched and off-mark. To not address people who have to register for life because they got drunk and pissed behind a building is omitting a huge issue with the system in general. Moving low-risk offenders like a 21-year-old who hooked up with a girl at a party to find out she lied about her age in the same tier as a man who kidnaps a 6-year-old child and then rapes and kills them is unjust and poor allocation of resources. The law lumped all offenders in one tier and overloaded the system to the point where it can no longer track the most dangerous pedophiles. My father David Lee Dallo SHOULD be a Tier 3, not a kid who didn’t ask for the girl’s ID to make sure.

Brandy Magri


Editor’s note: The story very specifically mentions people, formerly classified as Tier 1 offenders, who’ve been reclassified to Tier 3 “whose cases often involve acts like indecent public exposure or statutory rape.”

Yuck it up

Re “Third spaces” (editor’s note, March 12):

I laughed out loud.

Karen Eliot


Movie target

Re “Into the woods” (film, Feb. 13):

Dear Mr. Grimm: I read your review of Gretel and Hansel, and for all the reasons you didn’t like it, I did. I thought the slow pacing and vague insinuations of horror were very well done, and it was refreshing to see the movie free from the worn-out cliches of staggering zombies, demons and moving rocking chairs, doors and creepy clown dolls. Both Sophia in this movie Anya TJ are portraying young teenage girls confronted with supernatural forces and the special gifts they will receive. And how about the final confrontation with the witch when Gretel levitates the forked staff to choke the witch? Right out of Carrie, n’est pas?

And, really, Mr. Grimm, do you really need to use four-letters words in your review? It’s just a movie. The RN&R is available all over the area where young people can find it and read yours reviews (if they can put down their phones for a minute). Our young people do not need such influences. Print journalism is already in trouble, and you aren’t helping. Try reading Mick LaSalle in the S.F. Chronicle, and you’ll see it’s OK to use some finesse in your journalistic endeavors. We have a President who uses that kind of language. Do you really want to be like him?

R. H. Ashley


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