Sylvester Stallone takes his iconic John Rambo character and places him in what amounts to little more than an ultraviolent MAGA wankathon in Rambo: Last Blood, easily the worst film in the franchise and one of the worst in Stallone’s career. The Rambo movies have been on a slow downhill slide from the beginning. First Blood was awesome, Rambo: First Blood Part II was fun and silly, Rambo III was passable action fare but a little tired, and Rambo (2008) was a bit of a drag, albeit with some decent action scenes and carnage. Rambo: Last Blood is an abomination. This film does absolutely nothing to merit its existence. As a Rambo/Stallone fan, I wish I could pretend it didn’t happen, but it has, and it’s pure dreck. Stallone has said he will continue to play this character if the film is a success. I almost want this piece of crap to be a success so we can get a better swan song for Rambo. It would be a shame for the saga to end this way.

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