Antique letter

Re “Out with the old” (cover story, May 23):

A perfect spot to relocate the Virginia Street Antique Mall would be the empty Smith’s grocery store building on South Virginia between the Atlantis and Peppermill casinos. Great for locals and tourists alike. Also, the Antique Mall could keep their full original name.

Mary Pedersen


So he’s that way at golf, too

For anyone who likes both the game of golf and presidential politics, a highly entertaining book just arrived which is really fun reading.

Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly, who has written about golf for years, decided to investigate rumors that El Presidente DJT is a master cheater at his favorite pastime. All I can think of to describe Reilly’s book is wow! Turns out Trump is no ordinary cheater. He is world class! His cheating—at a game in which each player is on the honor system to keep score and obey the rules—is so crooked it is actually funny. Trump’s approach is to not merely cheat on his own score. Reilly documents how Trump also cheats his fellow players by such acts as to pick up their balls and throw them away! His conduct in the realm of golf is equivalent to Mother Teresa performing an abortion in the Sistine Chapel.

After you read Commander-In-Cheat, drop it off at a golf pro shop near you. The Republican golfers will really appreciate it!

Peter C Neumann


One more Bruce fan

Re “What’s your problem?” (Notes From the Neon Babylon, May 2):

Regarding that increasingly funny cartoon on the back page—oh, and all the staunch Democrats/never Trump characters out there:

Sooo, Comey says Hillary and all the felonious shit she did, or had done, isn’t worth time going further, and that’s good enough for y’all, good enough to drop everything about it in mainstream media, regardless of the proof. And Mueller, the man of the hour, couldn’t find proof of anything on the President, yet it continues. And, Barr released everything within the law to everyone, and he’s flogged and slandered. The tactics of a whooped Democrat would be hilarious if not so disgusting.

Babble On questions the credibility of the Trump supporters, when there is none at all to question from the haters. Almost 30 million tax payer dollars, numerous agents, 22 months, and unlimited resources, on something that was made up, still isn’t enough. But that’s OK, now the real investigations start. Time to find out just how bad it really got during 2016, and who really colluded, obstructed, lied and tried to influence the election. Who in the hell gives two shades of crap less if there is respect from the left? All I see is a bunch of idiots that’s so blinded from hate that they don’t even make sense anymore. So keep pandering to the illiterate, illegal, uneducated, wet-behind-the-ears, or just plain stupid people, it doesn’t really matter, cause Dems don’t stand a chance in 2020! And whoever does that Babble On cartoon—funny stuff.

Larry Moody


One more Trump fan

Now that the whitewashing of the Mueller report has been completed by the minions of the so-called President, We the People can be assured that Donald Trump is above the law.

The temple eunuchs have hissed their allegiance, and this matter is now supposed to be brushed under the sordid rug of corruption along with all the other Trumpian refuse over the past two dreadful years. Yes, We the People of the United States, in order to destroy the Union, have granted absolute power to a “stable genius,” i.e. the National Dunce who can’t even spell elementary school words.

If one consulted an accountant who didn’t even know basic math, would it be acceptable? Or would one wonder why he is an accountant, and how strange the organization must be to employ him as such? We the People have a tyrant who assassinates characters via Twitter, and refuses absolutely to assuage the rightful concerns of the public by demonstrating fully that he’s not a crook. He decries fake news as he stirs the pot of political intrigue, maligns reporters who displease him, and violates the Constitution every day he is allowed by Congress to disgrace his office. It’s not rocket political science!

If Richard Nixon had, instead of resigning, been given the keys to the Watergate office building, what would you have thought?

Steven Hetzer


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