Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

As I was re-reading Dennis’ cover story before sending it to the printers, I asked him, “How long before you think we get a letter pointing out that we’re owned by a California company?”

He laughed and replied that we could counter that the Chronicle Publishing Company, which used to own the San Francisco Chronicle, was incorporated in Nevada.

My point is this: We understand that, to the mindset that thinks California is some invasive, imperial enemy, the Reno News & Review, is seen as part of the problem. And yes, it’s true that we’re part of a small, family-owned chain of three newspapers. Be sure to check our sister papers in Sacramento and Chico. If you believe some of the folks who write us angry letters, you should find those rags floating in the streets alongside the excrement of illegal immigrants.

But something I like to point out as often as possible is this: Every person who works in the newsroom of the RN&R has lived in Northern Nevada for a long time. We’ve attended schools here. We eat at local restaurants, drink at Reno watering holes, read books by Nevada authors.

We’ve got a new guy here in the office. Welcome aboard, Matt Bieker! He’s been writing for us for a couple of years and has done some great work. For example, you might remember “Packin’ heat,” his cover story about concealed weapons for our June 21 edition.

Out of curiosity, I just asked him: He was born here in Reno, at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Just like me. And my son Clyde.

So, call us Cali cronies if you want, but our Nevada bona fides are legit. And we’ll call it straight: This whole “don’t let Nevada become California” line is bullshit. Total bullshit. A bullshit conspiracy, like voter fraud, meant to protect the rich and powerful.

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