A young man shows up for a first year at college and gets greeted as if he’s been there before. Eventually, someone figures out he’s the identical twin of a former student and brings about a reunion of the two siblings. It becomes a big story in the newspaper, and another young man sees the boys, and instantly notices a resemblance. Boom … the three identical brothers, all adopted by different families, find themselves as young adults. I lived in Long Island, New York, when the story broke about these guys—three young men who looked and acted exactly alike. They became a sensation, showing up on talk shows and even opening their own restaurant. Sadly, as Tim Wardle’s documentary shows, when the boys find out the real reason for their separation at birth, things take a sad and ultimately tragic turn. The documentary is set up in a way that, even if you remember this story, what happens will surprise you in the end. The now grown men sit for interviews, and the stories they tell are captivating, entertaining and maddening at the same time.

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