In a summer of endless sequels, Equalizer 2 has the distinction of being unoriginal and predictable. It stimulates that part of your brain that likes to see things go boom and bad guys get pummeled, while allowing the part of your brain that likes to solve things and seek intellectual depth go nappy time. It also has a little guy named Denzel Washington in it, supplying his every line with grace and punching up the quality of a rote script tenfold simply by being on screen. He and director Antoine Fuqua team up once again and make the sequel to a cinematic update of an OK TV show well worth your time. It’s fast food, but it’s good fast food. Washington returns as Robert McCall, former special ops guy with a taste for vigilantism and tea. He’s just sort of hanging out in Boston, working as a Lyft driver and painting over graffiti at his apartment complex, when word comes in that a good friend has bit the dust at the hands of mystery killers. Robert doesn’t like it when you kill his friends. Robert doesn’t like that much at all. In fact, it’s fair to say Robert will do bad things to your body for such acts. He goes on a search for the killer/killers, and you will probably figure out who the bad people are fairly quickly. Equalizer 2 isn’t worried about tricking you with any mysteries. It wants to set up some scenarios for McCall’s vicious showdowns with bad folks, and Fuqua does this multiple times with bloody action gusto.

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