Welcome to our annual Join the Pack guide. It’s something we put together every year for new and returning students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

On page 11, we have a story from regular RN&R contributor Jessica Santina about a new theater program in the works. Andrea Heerdt also looked at a fairly new program on campus. Nevada Teach aims to get college students in STEM fields into teaching professions. The program just graduated its first cohort of new teachers in May. You can read the story on page 5.

Matt Bieker contributed a story about an interdisciplinary research team at UNR that aims to make the emerging field of virtual reality more accessible to women by examining the reasons why women are more likely to experience VR sickness, with symptoms like nausea, drowsiness and disorientation. That’s on page 3.

On page 8, you can read about this year’s Mandela Washington fellows—25 young African leaders who’ve spent the last six weeks at UNR. Our cover photo is from Eric Marks. The guide was designed by Sarah Hansel.

There’s also a map of campus on page 6—and, I have to say, it’s worth a look even if you think you know the grounds of UNR. With all of the new construction on campus, this map changes every year.

Happy reading and studying! Go Pack!

Jeri Chadwell

RN&R Special Projects Editor
(and proud UNR alum)

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