Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan play a fighting gay couple forced to take on the Coogan character’s grandson in this ultimately enjoyable movie. It’s enjoyable because Rudd and Coogan take it above its silly sitcom tropes and provide genuine laughs and real emotion. Paul (Rudd) and Erasmus (Coogan) work on a cooking show together and live an upscale life. Angel (Jack Gore) shows up at their door after his dad gets busted, and the two must learn to be parents overnight. There are moments in this movie—registering the kid for school, visiting dad in jail—that feel like a thousand movies before it, and director Andrew Fleming throws in too many plugs for Taco Bell. Problems aside, Rudd and Coogan had me laughing consistently and loudly throughout the movie. This really is a movie that could’ve been awful, but they more than save it, to the point where it can actually be recommended. Gore doesn’t really stand out as the precocious kid, which slows things down at times, but Jake McDorman is hilarious in his few screen moments as the dad. McDorman and Coogan have a conversation in this movie that stands as one of the summer’s funniest film moments. The ever-reliable Rudd saves just about every moment he has on screen, even when the writing isn’t up to snuff. Overall, this will most assuredly provide a good pile of chuckles, and sometimes that’s all a comedy really needs to do. (Available for rent on iTunes, Amazon and other streaming services during a limited theatrical release.)

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