BVD Trumpophobian Rant Number 99—The Feckless Cunt Edition! (Or “Uh, Mr. President, this immigrant children thing is blowing up nicely!”)

I mean—shit. Goddamn. Get off your Ass and Jam! (Always nice to work a classic Funkadelic lyric into a column!). As I took in the unfortunate comments/lies put forth by The Twitler Witch Team of Kirstjen Nielsen (“We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period.”), Ann Coulter (“These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks”), Laura Ingraham (“detention centers are basically summer camps”) and Kellyanne Conjob (on this list just because) concerning the deplorable situation at the border where America has suddenly decided to go Sophie’s Choice on immigrants applying for asylum, I couldn’t help but flash back to Samantha Bee’s bold comment on Ivanka, that juicy one involving fecklessness where Sam had to backtrack and apologize. Maybe Ivanka didn’t deserve that epithet at that time (I wonder if Daddy’s favorite girl will be wearing Gucci or Tom Ford for her Perp Walk?), but the Linda Blairesque torrents of green junk spewing forth from this quartet of crazy blond bat monkeys easily gains them entry into F.C. Stadium (and, hey, do Exorcist references still work?).

Make no mistake about it. It’s on the record. It’s provable. It’s demonstrable. This separation policy is not the law as set by Congress but a brand new policy announced by Attorney General Magoo in March, a policy with the full blessing of a delusional madman “president” who apparently trembles in bed fretting about the big bad thugs of MS-13 chopping off his little tadger with their big ole nasty machetes.

Meantime, the Pentagon released the following statement—“Consistent with President Trump’s commitment and in concert with our Republic of Korea ally, the U.S. military has suspended all planning for this August’s defensive ‘wargame’ (Freedom Guardian).” In other words, Dum Dum just gave North Korea, China and Russia the very large gift that those three countries have wanted for years. Mr. “Art of the Deal” gave it to them for free. For nothing. Kim Jong Un must still be pinching himself in disbelief. Or did he know all along that what Putin wants, Putin gets?

In other words, Trump just got played. Mr. “Negotiator” just got clowned. By Little Rocket Man! And by Xi. And of course, as always, by Big Daddy Vlad, who is no doubt in a continuous non-stop giggle fit as he appreciates the endlessly excellent returns delivered by his Stooge Boy investment.

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