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“Our mission: To publish great newspapers …”

Yeah, right. When propaganda in “This Modern World” continually bashes Trump. The latest: Panel 3: “Trump and his various criminal activities.” I challenge the author making that charge to prove what he claims. I have a whole list of serious charges of criminal activity by Obama and Hillary, both who should be spending time in prison! Half of the public reading the left-wing Trump-bashing know your paper for what it is. “News” it isn’t. You should change the name of your paper to the socialist Democratic Party peer review.

Doug Rodrigues


Lethal fiction?

Just a word on the gun violence that is going on in the country. We always go to gun control instead of the problem at hand.

I have watched for the last 20 years at the video games that the younger generation has been playing for days at a time. Every one of them is war games, shooting and killing each other to get points. You have the car jack one, the ultimate fighter, you even have the cop killer one. Our society has made our young generation to be worriers without having to take a real bullet. When they don’t get enough points, they just get killed so that they can start the game over with the hope of getting better points on the next game. You can get a game that teaches you how to make bombs, that will teach you how to destroy everything in the gun sights of a tank. If another tank shoots back, no worry. They just have to start the game over, not get burned to death in the tank screaming for their mother.

Our society has turned into a bunch of killers without any consequences. The ones that fought in the last two wars got a whole different view of war. Now they have come back mentally destroyed because real war was nothing like the games. The ones that did not go to war figure the best way to settle things is to just go shoot everyone. The parent is so afraid to give any discipline to their kids that they run rampant on everyone around then. The kids have no respect for anyone else.

I have watched news where the kids break into houses and have big parties where the house is torn to pieces. Where are the parents? Violence is the norm. Most of the kids are home alone because both parents are working and can’t afford to pay for anyone to watch them. When the parents are home, both sit and spend the night on Facebook. In my opinion, I think we need more war games, that way we can all kill each other. I don’t think Mother Earth would miss us at all, in fact she would probably thank god.

Mark Turner


Whores and stooges

Re “The soul of the party” (Upfront,
May 17):

Quoting from the article: “Speaking of Sisolak, [political analyst Fred Lokken] said, “There’s a question about his [Sisolak’s] statewide appeal, but he’s been successful in his own backyard, and … Reid’s ground game that has now been adopted for the entire party nationally can work wonders.’ ”

So Reid, Titus and the other political rocket scientists leading the Democratic National Committee think they know how to “recruit candidates and shape slates that can win.” ROTFLOLAPMP. These are the same intellectuals who brought us the tone-deaf and losing campaign of HRC and the losing campaign of Titus for governor in 2006.

Although I cannot speak for my Republican friends, I firmly believe that the majority of Americans despise the idea of electing more corporate and National Rifle Association whores to public office. We are already overrepresented by spineless liars who have zero commitment to any principle higher than that of enriching themselves.

Yet that is the only type of candidate the DNC wants to offer us. The DNC remains tone-deaf to everyone except those “political analysts” who poll just a tiny subset of voters—voters who also happen to be highly paid lobbyists for powerful special interest groups like the NRA. Of course they want their stooges to get elected!

The DNC is firmly determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Jane Henschel


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