Finally, it’s here. The Book that America has been waiting for. The Book this country needs. The Book that lays it all out there, this entire Retrumplican Russian mess, and does so in chronological style, so that you can make sense out of a truly complex tale involving all kinds of characters on many different fronts. It’s essential reading for anyone who gives a flying fig about the United States, its present and its future.

OK, not to pump it up too much, but this really is a great and important piece of work. The Book is Russian Roulette, by investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn, and when the final analysis is in, this one could very well be to Dum Dum what All The President’s Men by Woodward and Bernstein was to Nixon. Nothing less.

It begins with the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, 2013, and Trump’s remarkable, fawning tweet, “Do you think Putin will be going to the Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow—if so, will he become my new best friend?” From this ridiculous and terrifying harbinger moment, the plot begins to thicken and thicken, resulting in the fake, illegitimate POTUS now soiling the White House.

Russian Roulette. Isikoff and Corn. You’ve got homework.

Getting a handle on the true size of Dum Dum’s Cult of Crazies can be estimated with the processing of the following numbers. A recent Pew Research poll shows that 43 percent of Americans say that the disastrous Invasion of Iraq of 2003 was a good idea. Unfuckingbelievable, but there you go. Let’s combine that figure with this one—last year, 41 percent of Trumplodytes were in favor of bombing Agrabah, the made up Arabian country in the Disney movie Aladdin. From these two pieces of data, we can conclude that approximately 40 percent of America is out of its fucking mind.

The recent victory of Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania U.S. House District 18 is of interest right here in Nevada. Penn 18 was considered about as safe as a district gets for Retrumplicans, much like Nevada District Two, currently represented by Mark Amodei. In 2016, Amodei beat Chip Evans (D) by 22 points. One has to assume that Amodei took notice of Lamb’s victory, and that he now has to consider the possibility his own seat may be vulnerable in November. It’s a long shot, yes, but that’s exactly what they were saying in Pennsylvania a month ago. Analysis? When your party is headed by a sex maniac, lowlife, dumbass, lying prick, people begin to notice. And vote accordingly. Stormy for Senate!

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