Thanks to an already legendary Kickstarter campaign, fans of the Veronica Mars TV show get to see their hero, the title character played by Kristen Bell, back in action. The movie doesn’t really feel like a movie at all. It looks, smells and tastes like a TV show, with a hokey and half-baked plot to go with it. Veronica has moved to New York and is about to get a job at a law firm when old boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring) gets into trouble. He’s the focus of a murder investigation, so Veronica puts her private investigator cap back on, leaves her boyfriend behind, and comes to Logan’s rescue back home, while also attending her high school reunion. It’s all pretty lame, but Bell is a winning movie star when she’s on her game, as she is in this film. While the murder mystery is a super dud, the cameos in the movie (James Franco, Dax Shepard, Justin Long) are fun, and the old cast getting back together has a nice feel to it. The movie won’t knock anybody’s socks off, but it will satisfy fans and perhaps inspire a few to check out the TV show, which went off the air seven years ago. (Available for rent on iTunes, VOD and during limited theatrical run.)

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