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This annual Most Censored Stories always kind of hits a nerve with me. In part, because I can remember when it really was about censored stories. Back in the mid-’90s before the internet really came on, I’d often not have heard of the stories that made the list. Nowadays, I’ve heard of all these stories on some level.

But doesn’t it seem like some futuristic fiction to you? Of course, the truth of Bradley Manning’s disclosures got buried in his gender issues. Of course, Obama’s promises of government transparency were lies. Of course, interest rates and greedy billionaires have increased the gap between the rich and the super rich—you and I are not even in the equation anymore. As I said, there’s not a single story in this selection of “censored” news that I didn’t know something about, but there is so much information out there “in the wild,” it’s difficult to give any important story enough coverage to stand out.

Our 95-word fiction contest is coming up. I can see just a whole barrage of stories being inspired by this Orwellian stuff. Just remember to keep the story to exactly 95 words (as counted by LibreOffice or Microsoft Word and excluding title). There’s no cash prize or anything, but you can see your name in print. And if you win, we may even add a photo of you. And because I wrote this for an ad, and it seems relatively helpful, we, the editors, like stories that have a beginning, middle and end, and include setting, conflict, dialogue, character, point of view, and theme written on $100 bills.

For those who’ve never seen the contest, last year’s winners can be found at www.newsreview.com/reno/stranger-than-truth/content?oid=8291872.

E-mail to renofiction@newsreview.com and put Fiction 2013 in the subject line. All entries must be received by 9 a.m. on Oct. 23. Selected entries will be published on Oct. 31. Include contact information, including name, address and telephone number.

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