It brings us together. I like to think about food as the string that holds all the events together on the timeline of our lives. Everything we do has food, and I personally love and adore it. So when we were trying to choose a theme for this Family Guide, we decided to have this guide revolve around the many different aspects of food in our lives.

When you open up this guide, you’ll find a variety of family- and food-related stories. I sat down with Reno chef Lara Ritchie, and she talked about her culinary experience, the culinary center she teaches at and other culinary goodies. You’ll also find some information about great apps for all your food-related needs: calorie-counting, restaurant finding and recipe discovering. We’ve also put together some pieces about kids and eating, battling picky eating habits, going vegan for kids, and easy and fun healthy recipes for kids. And if you’re struggling with keeping healthy over your lunch break, turn to the piece filled with tips to pack better lunches for yourself and your kids.

This guide has something for every family out there who loves their food and meals as much as I do. And if you’re worried about what your four-legged friend is scarfing up, you can read about how to choose healthier pet food.

Cheers, Sage Leehey

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