Or the Nevada of the West

Nevada’s motto should be “Mississippi of the West.” We employ Greyhound therapy for the mentally ill, our schools rank 49th. There are only 13 states that incarcerate more people per capita than Nevada, and we have a legislature that continues to demonstrate that the continued receipt of gifts and donations from lobbyists trumps doing the work of the people of this state. The governor? Sunny is just acting in his own self-interest. He clearly has political ambitions beyond governing Nevada, so pandering to the right is what he must do. Expand early voting? Can’t do that! Sign a law closing loopholes in gun background checks? OMG, the NRA might blacklist him. Tax increases are bad unless they are only imposed locally, in which case they aren’t really tax increases. The Nevada Legislature is packed with ALEC zombies and to make it worse, taxpayers foot the bill for their ALEC membership dues. I’m not going to give Democratic legislators a free pass here either. Look at Debbie Smith’s stunt, which will pretty much kill the Legend’s project with her last-minute amendment requiring they build a 300- rather than 200-room hotel. Not to mention that legislators of both parties who were complicit in turning the campaign finance bill into a mockery of its original intent. The Legislature handed NV Energy decades of guaranteed rate hikes without batting an eyelash. I’m pretty sure that stunt will finally make us number one in “something.” But sadly, that something will be us having the highest utility rates in the West, since we are currently number two. I guess the only good thing about this is that the clown car also known as the Nevada Legislature meets only every two years. Just think about the damage that they and Gov. Sunny could do if they were in Carson City full time.

Lynne Black


Cut off where?

Why don’t you news people report about the fact that the city of Reno has cut water off to the homeless in a time of high temps? This is a high desert. What is the City Council trying to do? Are they trying to get your tax dollars and mine lost in lawsuits? The homeless may be poor, but they can still sue the city for committing the crime of cutting off access to water in a desert, or could it be that they don’t care since it won’t cost them anything but our taxes?

Shawn Bruce England


Brad’s invalid opinion

Re “Larry Cooper” (In the mix, Jan. 17):

This is a terrible review. If you’ve actually listened to this kid’s album, you’d know that Mr. Bynum obviously did not. The album is a bit lo-fi, but the fact that this kid could achieve a sound like that in mono is nothing short of impressive. The entire thing is a well thought out concept album about love, heartbreak and healing, and flows quite well from the first track to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed every song. This review does it no justice, and I can see that Mr. Bynum did not do his homework but obviously thumbed through the tracks without much thought. This is a very talented songwriter, and this album should be reviewed by someone who’ll actually listen to it. Go listen for yourself, and don’t let this jackwad give you his evidently invalid opinion.

Alice Cromper


Can’t see the trees

Re “Seeking lessons from parallel experiences” (The Liberty Belle, June 20):

Just wondering: Is “forest cover becomes less abundant” Libertarian-speak for clear cutting?

Ronald Schoenherr


How’s this?

This week is Small Business Week so I would like to throw it out there that Reno/Sparks has an amazing business that isn’t well known because it is brand new. It is called Auto Cycle. It is a car and a motorcycle in one and it is pretty awesome. You can go to their website at autocyclenv.com to find out about these cool tri-mobiles. They even have a Facebook page now, too. You’ll see them at Hot August Nights this year as well as Street Vibrations. Anyway, just check them out and spread the word to this new, local business in the Reno/Sparks area.

Jennifer Sullivan


Distracted driving required

Re “Traffic offenses” (Editorial, June 6):

A few weeks back there was a story discussing methods being used for road safety, and their opposite effect. I have recently had an alcohol detection device put on my vehicle. Let me stop here and say this is not an email complaining of unfair punishment. In fact, my DUI saved my life. That being said, I would invite you to research these devices a bit in relationship to that article. The device must be used to start the vehicle, a very great and productive way to prevent drinking and driving. However, you must also reblow into the device randomly throughout your drive. A distraction and stressful situation while driving. If you blow too hard, too soft, not long enough etc., the car will shut down. Also at random times it will “ask” you to pull over and stop the car immediately. In traffic or on the freeway, this situation becomes very dangerous. I could explain more, but I think the idea is there. I thought that a closer and unbiased look at the device by journalists could be interesting to read.

Kathrynn Bloodworth


Learn to recycle

Re “Trash talk” (Feature story, June 20):

There is much more to this story. Too bad Jason Geddes is the point man. Too bad as well that it’s another Reno rubber stamp. Waste Management and Reno just use recycling as a feel-good ploy. There isn’t any meaningful signage nor education on this topic. Thus, there is widespread co-mingling and pilferage. Many folks are conscientious about recycling; I see them at Commercial Row all the time. They and many others (who just want to be garbage-fee free) just dump any/everything they consider “paper” or “plastic” into both green and yellow bins and at the Greg Street, Commercial Row and satellite locations.

Even these “voluntary” drop-offs are grossly co-mingled and contaminated. All sorts of Styrofoam, plastic film, and hard stuff like buckets and chairs gets dumped in. Earth Day “bottle” lessons, my foot! It is simply ingrained Nevada culture to dump and waste stuff. So we have to pay extra for a commercial “sort” (after-the-fact)? I already know how to recycle, and I make the effort. What about thousands of detergent bottles from laundromats? Why not pay delegated homeless to pre-sort after special events?

At Commercial Row, pilferers help themselves all weekend and have for years, while WM complains recycling “doesn’t pay.” An old guy with a shopping cart wanders all over northeast Sparks on recycle days. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to get a working recycling program going—I have done this for years after school, at work and in communities. I can tell you, most Reno WM customers aren’t “smarter than a fifth-grader” when it comes to sorting or even visualizing re-use. Bah, humbug.

Steve Klutter

Sun Valley

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