Bogey’s waitress and   bartender CeeCee Perialas with the charbroiled chicken sandwich and a bloody Mary.
Bogey’s waitress and bartender CeeCee Perialas with the charbroiled chicken sandwich and a bloody Mary.

I asked my friend Nancie if she wanted to grab lunch with me at Bogey’s Bar and Grill at Wildcreek golf course. Nancie lives in the area and is an avid golfer, so I figured this was a perfect fit. Instead, she asked me if I was high when I suggested it. I was a little confused by this response as I asked her to have lunch, not eat a tub of frosting and listen to Pink Floyd, but she thought Bogey’s was just a snack bar and wished me best of luck enjoying my hot dog and bag of chips.

Thoughts of “snack bar” permeated my head, but I kept in mind they had a bar, so how bad could it really be? Turns out, it’s just fine. Bogey’s is not a snack bar. It’s a bar and grill with a nice view of the course, which backs up to a desert mountain. This made the fall colors of the course’s mature trees stand out beautifully. The interior is simple but nice, with a fireplace, a rock backsplash along the bar and picture windows to enjoy the view. Numerous round tables take up most of the dining area, and people were sitting around playing a dice game while they enjoyed a post-golf cocktail. There were also some couches set up with a view of a flat screen TV, which was playing football.

My friend Brett—who will go anywhere if I promise to buy—and I decided to sit at the bar and joined the line of polo-shirted golfers. I noticed that the kitchen area separates the bar from the snack bar area Nancie mentioned, but since we weren’t getting our food to go out on the course, there seemed little reason to leave the bar.

Brett and I ordered a Bud Light ($3.25) and Sierra Nevada ($4.25) from the friendly bartender, CeeCee. The menu has limited choices, offering mainly sandwiches, salads and burgers, and even, of course, a hot dog, but what do you really need after a game of golf? I went with the charbroiled chicken sandwich ($8.50), which came with a decently sized side of crispy fries. The chicken was cooked perfectly but there was a lot of mayonnaise on the sandwich, though it was easy enough to scrape off the excess. The sandwich was supposed to have a special sauce but I only noticed the mayonnaise. The sandwich had a thick slice of tomato and lettuce, and the bun was soft. This chicken sandwich was nothing fancy, but it was cooked well and tasted good.

Brett went with the Juicy Lucy burger ($10), which also came with fries. The Juicy Lucy can be stuffed with a variety of choices such as Gorgonzola, jalapeños and cheese, or just cheddar. Brett went with the jalapeños and cheese, and was offered a choice of nacho cheese or cheddar. He decided to go with the nacho cheese. It tasted pretty darned good. The burger was large and messy, but CeeCee was on it, and extra napkins were at the ready before they were even needed.

Service throughout was very attentive with even the cook coming out to ask how everything was. I might have come in with snack bar expectations, but instead, I had a decent meal with a great view and relaxed atmosphere.

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