University of Nevada, Reno student-led group Envirohaven announced a prototype of an alternative energy powered house, funded by the $37,000 awarded to them at the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup (“Competitive edge,” April 19). The project is called the Haven, and according to Envirohaven’s website, a patent is pending.

“The Haven home design is the first complete home designed specifically for living in areas without access to public utilities, ‘off-grid,’” the project website says. “You’ll find affordable options whether you are looking for a place to call home or you have commercial, humanitarian or military interests.”

The standard model of the house is 1,400 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Other models provide the option to set up dormitory-style quarters which can accommodate up to eight people. The home will be sold as a package, which includes items like solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, dual-paned windows, gray water recycling systems, and other building materials, such as walls and doors. Constructed of triangular panels, the house is intended to be easily transported. Purchasing all materials and building the house is estimated to cost less than $200,000.

Photographs of the prototype can be found on Envirohaven’s Facebook page,

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