The U.S. Department of Energy granted University of Nevada, Reno professor and researcher Miles Greiner $745,000 to study storage technology for nuclear waste. Greiner is a mechanical engineer, and will work on a three-year program focused on the drying process of the waste, which could help in transporting and storing the waste safely.

The grant is part of the DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Program, which helps fund more than 40 projects around the country. Two doctoral candidates and one post-doctoral will work with Greiner. Greiner has had past projects funded by the DOE and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including one that lasted from 2010 to September of this year, for which his research team received $1,500,000 from the DOE to research “advanced heat and mass exchanger technology for geothermal and solar renewable energy systems,” according to Greiner’s faculty webpage.

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