Welcome to Nevada’s Biggest, Most Accurate, Most Comprehensive, Most Celebrated, Most Fantastic and Most Understated popularity contest, the Reno News & Review’s Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada.

It’s a herculean task, and that’s just the voting! But while we here at the world headquarters of the Reno News & Review like to complain about the difficulty tabulating thousands of verified ballots, it’s a labor of love.

The hard part really belongs to you, the winners. Yes, it’s an inconvenience campaigning to hold or take the top spot, but every year we hear from winners who say they didn’t campaign at all. The cream rises to the top, as they say. And that’s due to our readers, the most plugged in, participatory and engaged members in our little section of the world.

It’s become our tradition every year to highlight a different segment of our region—be it cultural, demographic or geographic. This year we chose to highlight the Midtown District.

Part of that included our choice of artist: Ron Rash. Once we made our decision to highlight Midtown, there wasn’t another artist who personifies the Midtown acumen the way Rash does. Yes, he’s a Midtown tattoo artist, but he’s much more. He created these original watercolor pieces especially for the Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, and he joins the pantheon of local artists who’ve contributed work to make our annual Best Of an original work of art on its own merits.

It’s difficult to name all the people who deserve congratulations and thanks. But let’s start with you, the readers, all the thousands of you who took the time to work your way through all these categories. Congratulations and thank you. It’s you who make this town more than a lead in a New York Times story or a punchline on Saturday Night Live.

And finally, congratulations and thanks to you, the winners. You put in the time 24/7/365 to be the best. You’re the reason we and many others choose to live in Northern Nevada.

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