Co-writer and actor Jason Segel, with help from director James Bobin, reboots the Muppets franchise with great success. Segel, Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller have gone back to the Muppet roots, drawing much energy from their 1970s TV show. Segel plays Gary, a happy-go-lucky guy planning a trip to Los Angeles where he will ask his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) to marry him. He also plans to bring along his beloved brother Walter, who is a lot shorter than him, has ping pong ball eyes, and has skin of felt, for Walter is a Muppet. Walter has never met the likes of Kermit, Miss Piggy or Fozzie the Bear, but he idolizes them and hopes to meet them at their home, Muppet Studios in L.A. Gary, Mary and Walter arrive at the studios to find them deserted. They seek to find the Muppets, get them back together, and put on a show to save their old home from an evil oil baron (Chris Cooper). Fun music, good Muppet humor, and it’s great to see Kermit plucking his banjo again.

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