Say hello to one of the biggest disappointments in years. Director
James Cameron, the man behind Titanic and Terminator,
concocts one big, blue, boring movie that looks great at times, but
doesn’t hold together as a story. Sam Worthington plays a
paraplegic soldier who has his DNA fused with an alien being, and is
able to control a hybrid, silly-looking being as he slumbers in a
special bed. Thanks to his commander (Stephen Lang) his intentions are
quite evil at first. But after some months running around in an alien
jungle with a dreadlocked, spindly, blue female creature in a thong, he
has second thoughts—something that doesn’t come as a
surprise. Cameron packs a lot of visual pow into his 161-minute movie,
some of which you’ll miss if you don’t see it in 3-D, but
the experience becomes exhausting when the story gets more and more
predictable, and fails to go anywhere meaningful. The CGI creatures are
just kind of creepy and goofy looking, especially in the case of
Sigourney Weaver, who plays a scientist who also links up to an alien
body. Easily Cameron’s worst film since Piranha Part Two: The

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