Welcome to our second back-to- college issue of Join the Pack. My name’s Brian Burghart, and I’m the editor of the Reno News & Review, the publication that enfolds this college-oriented special publication you now hold in your hands.

Since this insert is designed to give you incoming freshmen and your parents something to read—while contemplating separate lives—it’s probably also your introduction to the RN&R, which I can guarantee will become one of your primary sources for local information. We’re not a college publication, although you’ll occasionally find exclusive news about the university in our pages.

At any rate, Join the Pack is written entirely by University of Nevada, Reno students and graduates. The advice offered is pretty good, the kind of advice you’d get from an older, more experienced friend.

You’ll notice I’m not offering any advice. I was a lousy student. I only got to walk up those steps to accept my diploma by an act of generosity on the part of professors and the school’s administration. I’m only barely kidding about that.

At any rate, congratulations to Van Pham and Katie Palani, two UNR students who published their first stories in the RN&R with this issue. Many thanks to my UNR interns, Brandon Russell and Katie Power, as well. They went the distance, and this issue of Join the Pack wouldn’t have succeeded without their efforts.

So, please, consider this a friendly shake of the hand. Don’t ever hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call at 324-4440 ext. 3525.

Table of Contents

Join the club

Cool classes

Coping with homesickness

The Big 10

You’re only young once

Take a walk

Avoiding bad sexual situations

Hell on Earth?

Hook up, plug in

Your phone list

The secret to your success

A cup of bliss

Using the system

A look back

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