Best politician

1. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid

2. President George W. Bush

3. Reno Mayor Bob Cashell

Best local columnist

1. Cory Farley
Reno Gazette-Journal

2. Bruce Van Dyke,
Reno News & Review

3. Deidre Pike,
Reno News & Review

Best local TV anchor

1. Tad Dunbar
KOLO Channel 8

2. Joe Hart,
KRNV Channel 4

Beloved local DJ Mat Diablo rings bells in the afternoon.

Photo By David Robert

3. Wendy Damonte,
KTVN Channel 2

Best local TV news

1. KOLO Channel 8

2. KRNV Channel 4

3. KTVN Channel 2

Best local radio DJ or DJ team

1. Mat Diablo

2. Nick Danger,
KDOT [We’ll miss you, Nick.]

3. Chris Payne,

Best local actress/actor

1. Joshua Jessup

2. Mary Bennett

3. Shannyn Sossamon

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