Best way to fire up the acid reflux

Joe Bob’s Chicken Wings
We’ll give you a heads up: Next year, there will be a “Best Chicken Wings” category in our Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll. There may even be a “Best Chicken Fries” category. Hands down, the best chicken wings in Northern Nevada are made at Joe Bob’s. And, while there are three Joe Bob’s restaurants, one has an edge on the others: Joe Bob’s Chicken Lounge at the corner of Neil Road and Peckham Lane. It’s all about Alberto, the cook who experiments with different chicken-wing sauces. If his new concoctions are successful at the Lounge, they’ll be moved to the other restaurants. (And have you tried the Spicy Mango sauce?) Still, for some of us, it’s the heat that’s the spice of life, and the Super Hell’s Fire Chicken Wings at any of Joe Bob’s spots will make you cry—that’d be tears of joy.

Best place to preserve your child’s life

Truckee River Whitewater Park
We dig the 2,600 feet of 11 drop pools when we’re paddling along the downtown Truckee River in our kayaks. As we wait to enjoy the latest feature presentations at the Century Theatres, we love to scope out the beautiful people in their swimming attire. We love the fast-paced action in the water and the family atmosphere that has blossomed in the river next to the movie theater. However, we cringe every time we see a kayaker and a child collide, and our hearts convulse when a youngster is washed along with the current, even momentarily. If your child likes to play in the water, and you aren’t in possession of a Red Cross senior lifesaving certificate, put a flotation device on ’em.

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