With some classes starting at the crack of dawn and others dragging on until after 9 p.m., sometimes a good cup of coffee is all there is to keep you going. The University of Nevada, Reno has several coffee spots to feed your craving.

One of the best places to get coffee on a Monday morning is the Barista Brothers. This stand is inside the library during the cold months and outside when it’s warm. Barista Brothers offers a friendly smile and a hot or cold cup of coffee. They also serve various espressos and the best fruit smoothies. Its location in the center of campus makes it a great meeting spot for morning coffee. Also, for anyone living in the dorms, Barista Brothers is on the way to almost every class, and they accept cash and Advantage Cash.

The next best place for coffee is the Wolf Perk, inside the Jot Travis Student Union. Hidden in the back on the top floor, the quiet environment of Wolf Perk is the perfect spot to sit and relax after a mind-blowing math test. Espressos, smoothies and other refreshing drinks are also served. Although Wolf Perk is not a campus hot spot, it is place to get away from the crowd and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you are on the other side of campus near the Silver Parking Garage, Northside Café serves Seattle’s Best Coffee as well as hot chocolate, smoothies and various espressos. Located in the Student Services building, it is a hot spot for lunch and can be crowded. However, it’s worth the wait, particularly if your classes are nearby.

Back across campus, above Manzanita Lake is The Overlook. It has a full smoothie bar with energy boosters and tons of flavors. They do have a coffee machine, but serve just the basic regular or decaf of Seattle’s Best Coffee. This place is a zoo during lunch hour, but it’s mellow between classes and has a great view of Manzanita Lake.

For business majors, Las Trojes Mexican is the closest place to grab a cup of Joe. On the bottom floor of the Anassari Business Building, they have ice cold drinks and hot Seattle’s Best Coffee at anytime. The service is quick even when the line looks long.

Finally, after a long day at school, the D-C store, on the bottom floor of Argenta Hall has a wide variety of espressos, smoothies and other drinks. For those lucky enough to live in Argenta Hall, there is the convenience of getting a cup of coffee before class or during late-night study sessions—even if you’re only wearing your PJs.

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