A quote from Iowa representative Steve King—“No man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court again if being accused of sexual assault is the new standard.” Knee jerk reaction one: Good! There is much to be said for a Supreme Court made up of women. Men are sucking these days on a regular basis. An all girl court would be just dandy. Oh, there could be a token number of boys on the bench, maybe a couple. But no more than two. Any more than two is dangerous! Knee jerk reaction two: Gee, Steve, maybe we should take a look at your past at parties! Sounds like you’ve got some nasty little skeletons in your closet, bro! Knee jerk reaction three: Steve King, after all, is a man who sucks and sucks often.

Us progressive liberal Democrats might be inclined to regard men like Gary Cohn and Rob Porter as total jerks, since they used to work in the administration of Don Dum Dum. After reading Bob Woodward’s Fear, I have seriously revised my opinion. Cohn and Porter were actually great Americans. These guys were doing the work of The Resistance on the inside, where they could do some real stuff, some stuff with impact. Yes, Porter has his domestic issues, and there’s no getting around that. But they made a difference. Their departures from the White House were inevitable, but, for the country, unfortunate. They were voices of sanity in a White House ruled by a stubborn, erratic, volatile rockhead.

Others in Fear who had their moments butting heads with Twitler include Mattis, McMaster, Tillerson, Kelly, and, yes, even Jared. In fact, Trump refers to Jarvanka as “New York Democrats,” which is interesting and illuminating. And yes, Woodward confirms Tillerson’s “fucking moron” moment. After the meeting with Trump that prompts that expletive, you’ll find the quote completely reasonable and believable (and the stuff about Mueller interacting with lawyer John Dowd is quite revelatory).

And so, here we go, forced to stroll once again on Tawdry Boulevard (it’s been 20 years since we did the Lewinsky Lambada), and it’s a shame that the sycophantic Retrumplican senators on the Judiciary Committee were too trumped up to realize that Kavanaugh’s perjury in his past should have been completely sufficient to blow him up. But they are so friggin’ desperate to do this before the midterms. So desperate that they’re beginning to choke on their flop sweat as they push, push, push to rush, rush, rush. So it’s the Women Vs. Young Horndog Brett. Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.

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