I have never attended a high school reunion, for my high school is very far away and, quite frankly, there are just a few too many Long Island, New York, douchebags from the mid-’80s that I fear have become super-duper douchebags here in the now. Sorry, but I just can’t share a punch bowl with some of those tools. I mean, one of those shitheads put my winter coat in the boy’s locker room toilet. I have, however, seen many a high school reunion movie, and this is one of the better ones. Dan Landsman (Jack Black) is the self-proclaimed chairman of his school’s reunion committee (Hey, he has the password to their Facebook page). Dan wasn’t very popular in his high school days with his classmates, and those same classmates aren’t all that crazy about him now. One night after a typically humdrum evening with his wife Stacey (Kathryn Hahn), Dan spies a commercial for Banana Boat sunscreen that has a familiar face in it. It’s Oliver Lawless (Marsden), the coolest kid from his high school, and he has apparently made the big time out in Los Angeles. Dan plots to get Oliver to attend the reunion, thinking it will boost attendance and make him a hero for getting the coolest kid in class to attend. He flies to L.A., woos Oliver, and things happen. Black and Marsden wonderfully perform the aftermath of the L.A. visit and their behavior at the actual reunion is priceless. When this one comes out on video, it will make for a helluva double feature with Grosse Pointe Blank.

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