There have been some good—actually great—horror movies released in the last couple of years. This, the latest entry in the tired found-footage subgenre, isn’t one of them. What you get here is an entire film that requires you to watch somebody’s computer screen where a bunch of obnoxious teens are skyping one another. A ghostly presence inexplicably enters the conversation and knocks off the kids, one by one, while they scream and plead for mercy. They, of course, never go out of frame for too long and always manage to take their camera with them no matter how much their lives are in danger. The chat starts with Blaire (Shelley Hennig) and Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm … yes, that’s his name), a boyfriend and girlfriend talking about the dirty things they will do on prom night when a bunch of their friends rudely join the chat party. They all goof on each other and wonder who the unidentified person is who has mysteriously joined the chat. As it so happens, the chat is taking place on the one-year anniversary of their friend Laura’s suicide. Laura (Heather Sossaman) couldn’t stand the public ridicule she endured after somebody posted a video of her passed out and dumping her pants at a party. Now it appears Laura, or somebody pretending to be Laura by using her social networking accounts, is out for revenge. If you like horror, go with The Babadook or It Follows. Those films actually have real narratives where the protagonists actually leave the house and there are real cinematographers and editors involved. If you have strong urge to see this, just Skype a couple of your friends, call them some bad names, and stare at them while they yell at you on your home screen for 82 minutes. It’s basically the same thing, and would probably be far more entertaining.

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