Ridley Scott renders the Old Testament quite boring in this laborious treatment of the Moses (Christian Bale) story and his tumultuous relationship with Ramses (Joel Edgerton). There are stretches of the movie that look pretty good, including a massive gator attack that turns a river blood red and a the infamous frog plague making things unpleasant in Egypt. As good as some of these things look, they often sound really stupid thanks to a pedestrian screenplay and an ever-wandering Bale accent. There are times when he sounds like straight-up Christian Bale, and others where he inexplicably sounds like and American rabbi from Brooklyn. Scott makes some great movies, but his period epics, including this one, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood, tend to stink ass. His wasting time in this particular sandbox has taken him away from more important matters, like getting the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels into production and in front of my face. No more historical epics from Ridley Scott, please.

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