Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader take their respective careers to the next level in this film, with both spreading their dramatic wings and proving their talents go well beyond things that are just funny. Craig Johnson’s second directorial effort has some intermittent laughs, but it gets a lot darker than one might expect for the Target Lady and Stefon. The movie should do a lot for both Hader and Wiig’s careers, and stands as one of the year’s best family dramas. The two play brother-and-sister twins, long estranged, who wind up back in each other’s lives. Milo (Hader) tries to commit suicide in L.A. after breaking up with his boyfriend. His twin sister, Maggie (Wiig), had been trying to do the very same thing back in New York when the call comes in that Milo is in the hospital. After an awkward reunion in a hospital room, Milo is heading to New York with his twin sis to lay low for a while. As Milo adjusts to life back on the east coast, Maggie conducts an affair with her scuba instructor. Luke Wilson is sweet and funny as Maggie’s affable husband, and Ty Burrell is memorable as a man from Milo’s past. Wiig and Hader make for a very convincing onscreen brother and sister, something that’s surely the result of all those years they spent together on SNL.

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