In a post economic collapse Australia, Eric (Guy Pearce) stops for a drink in a dirty bar and promptly has his car stolen. He gets a truck in exchange for that car, but he doesn’t care, and immediately begins a relentless pursuit of his vehicle. Along the way, he picks up Rey (Robert Pattinson), an injured brother of one of the car thieves. They form a strange alliance that results in many deaths in the pursuit of an automobile and retribution. David Michod (Animal Kingdom) has made a moody film using a mighty uncomfortable-looking Australian Outback. Pearce delivers some of his finest, fiercest work since the underrated The Proposition, while Pattinson is extremely good as the simple, messed-up Rey. The film also features Scoot McNairy, an actor piling up the great performances, in a small role but very noticeable role as Rey’s brother. The film is full of stark imagery, sudden violence, and dirt. Everything is covered in dirt. The grime suits the story, a story that proves that you don’t need a heavy, complicated plot to make a good movie.

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