Writer-director Randy Moore took a film crew and performers into multiple Disney parks and managed to film a fairly cohesive movie without permission to shoot, and without getting caught. Jim (Roy Abramsohn) finds out that he has lost his job during the movie’s opening scene on a Disney hotel balcony. Rather than tell the wife (Elena Schuber) he takes his family on one last day of park hopping that includes It’s a Small World, monorail rides and Epcot Center. Jim notices people coughing as he enters the park, and two French teens that seem strangely interested in him. Hallucinations, blackouts and eventual health issues ensue, leading to a lot of sequences that make no sense and an ending that is just strange. Watching the movie, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the scenes shot in the actual parks. Some green screen shots are obvious, but, for many scenes, Moore and his crew managed to get usable shots using the video functions in standard handheld cameras, making the crew look like tourists. In this way, the movie is a marvel. As for the plotting, it suffers a bit from the guerilla format and has a lot of holes and inconsistencies. This is one of those movies where the history of the way the movie was made is far more interesting than the movie itself. (This is available for rent on iTunes and Amazon.com, and not playing in local theaters).

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