And with this, a great movie is followed up by a complete piece of crap. Aaron Taylor-Johnson returns as the title character, a high school student determined to spend his off time as a superhero. You will wish he hadn’t. The same can be said for Chloe Grace Moretz returning as Hit-Girl. Her pint-sized character was a total trip the first time out; now she just looks silly. The plot has something to do with Hit-Girl retiring to become a normal student (her subplot is straight out of Heathers) while Kick-Ass looks for other superhero comrades. He finds them in a group led by Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Carrey, who is the best thing in the movie with his few scenes, has disowned this film, citing its extreme violence. I think he wants nothing to do with it because it’s absolutely terrible. All of the style, successful humor and sharp acting is gone, replaced by abrasive performances and failed, stale humor. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, so good in the first movie, is a monstrosity as the film’s villain. I hated watching this, and I hate that it means Kick-Ass has come to an unsuccessful and shameful end at the cinemas.

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