Sandra Bullock might get top billing, and she’s pretty funny in the latest from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, but, and there’s no doubt about it, this is Melissa McCarthy’s movie. McCarthy plays a vulgar Boston police detective whose world is turned upside down when an FBI Agent (Bullock) starts sniffing around her precinct and meddling in her cases. McCarthy and Bullock are good together, with Bullock taking the obvious, tightly wound route while McCarthy just unloads expletive after expletive. McCarthy is so natural when she delivers put downs in this movie, it’s a wonder she gets along with anybody in real life. The movie does succumb to some of those buddy cop film clichés, and it sags a bit in the middle, but when it’s on, it’s really on. I got a few good laugh-out-loud moments, a lot of chuckles, and a lot of smiles out of this silliness. Considering some of the big budget garbage coming your way this summer, McCarthy and Bullock provide one of the season’s more pleasant movie experiences.

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