The egos of M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith collide in this stupid, useless movie about a father and son (Will and son Jaden) crash landing on Earth many years after it has become uninhabitable to humans. We can’t breathe on the planet anymore, but baboons, buffalo and birds are fine and dandy. Will Smith’s character is injured, so he directs his son from a tattered ship as Jaden must battle the elements, avoid the big monster their ship was carrying, and find the rescue beacon. Nothing in this movie works, from the ridiculous made-up accents the characters use, to the terrible CGI animals trying to eat Jaden. Will Smith’s performance is the dullest thing he has ever put to film, with Jaden being the overacting opposite. It’s remarkable to me that people keep giving Shyamalan money to make movies. Will the producers with the green learn their lesson after this one? I doubt it. Will this become a franchise like Will Smith had intended? I doubt that, too.

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