Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur fantasy is still one of the best adventure films ever made, but the new 3-D retrofit winds up muting the presentation rather than expanding it. Unlike, say, James Cameron’s Titanic, which looked and felt like it was meant to be shot in 3-D, the presentation here feels forced. The color is diminished, and the scope seems “squished.” It’s not awful, and I’ve seen worse 3-D, but it fails to enhance the film much. Some theaters are offering the movie in its original 2-D presentation, and I would recommend revisiting it in one of those theaters for sure. The combination of practical and computer effects to create the dinosaurs has easily stood the test of time. The dinosaurs continue to look amazing. Watching the 3-D version, I did notice that Jeff Goldblum sticks his tongue out a lot when he speaks. It’s creepy.

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