I hate the Paranormal Activity sequels. Maybe that’s why this Marlon Wayans spoof of PA sequels, and other found-footage horror movies, had me laughing hard at times. Perhaps I’m in the target audience ready to laugh at the stupidity of found-footage horror. Perhaps it’s because I think farts are funny. Either way, I’d be lying if I told you this didn’t have me laughing. Wayans plays a guy who has his girlfriend (Essence Atkins) moving in, so he buys a camera and gets security cams installed as well. The girl brings a demon with her, and that demon likes to get high and sleep with both of them while the cameras are rolling. This movie works because Wayans is fully committed to the lunacy, as is Atkins. It’s no comedy classic, but it scores enough raunchy laughs to qualify it as a keeper.

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