Frankenweenie: Tim Burton directs this enjoyable black-and-white stop-motion animated movie based on his own short film about a family dog being resurrected … Frankenstein style! Burton made the short film 28 years ago. While the story isn’t an especially electric one, the art direction is superb, and there are enough good laughs to make it worthwhile. Also worth noting: Winona Ryder voices a young girl character that looks suspiciously like Lydia, her character in Burton’s Beetlejuice. Other voices include Burton alumni such as Catherine O’Hara and Marin Landau, once again using his Bela Lugosi voice from Ed Wood. A finale sequence involving a giant, Gamera-like turtle and rabid sea monkeys gives the film a nice retro-horror feel. It’s a little sleepy in spots, but too impressive in other ways to completely overlook.

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