Resident Evil: Retribution: In the fifth chapter of the popular zombie franchise, things get so sloppy, disorganized and frantic, it’s as if one of the T-Virus zombies bit the movie on the leg and it got all crazy and infected. This is the third installment directed by the much-maligned Paul W.S. Anderson, who has been involved with the franchise from the beginning in various capacities. He directed the first movie, took a couple of movies off, and returned for 2010’s lousy Afterlife, and now this even worse monstrosity. He has the dubious distinction of having directed the best and worst films in the franchise. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, zombie killer, and her efforts are all for naught. The movie makes little to no sense, the action is haphazard and clumsy, and this franchise seriously needs to call it quits. It got off to an OK start with the first two films, but things have deteriorated mightily since then.

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