Dredd 3D: This reboot, with Karl Urban putting on the helmet and keeping it on for the duration of the film, is a vast improvement over the embarrassing Sylvester Stallone effort. Urban plays the title character, a generally angry man living in a post-apocalyptic world where policeman are also the judge, jurors and executioners of criminals on the spot. When he and a trainee (Olivia Thirbly) investigate a homicide, they wind up trapped in a building with a crazed drug lord (Lena Headey) trying to take them down. Director Pete Travis has made a grim, very violent film. Because the drug in play here is something called SLO-MO, a drug that makes the brain feel as if it has been slowed down, much of the violence is depicted in slow motion. Yep, slow-motion shots of bullets passing through faces. It’s a visual feast for the eyes, and Urban is perfect in the part.

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