Hit and Run: Dax Shepard writes, co-directs and stars as Charles Bronson, a former getaway driver in the witness protection program who risks his life to get his girlfriend (Shepard’s real-life main squeeze, Kristen Bell) to a job interview on time. Along the way, he is chased by a friendly but clumsy US Marshal (Tom Arnold) and a former crime partner (Bradley Cooper), who isn’t happy and wants to shoot him. The best thing about the movie is the sarcastic, playful rapport between Bell and Shepard, who make for a great screen couple. Some of the scenes where Bell’s character interrogates Shepard as they drive are real winners. As for the driving, there are some well-filmed chases in the movie, making it OK as far as action flicks go. Arnold and Cooper are both funny in their supporting roles. Cooper’s scene involving his character’s treatment in prison has to qualify as the year’s most awkward scene.

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