Casa de mi Padre: Will Ferrell further cements his goofball status with this crazy film fully devoted to the “telenovela” format, with Ferrell speaking Spanish and the film set in Mexico. Ferrell plays Armando Alvarez, the dumb son of Señor Alvarez. Armando must square off against a notorious drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal) while feuding with his drug dealer brother (Diego Luna) and trying to steal his lady (Genesis Rodriguez). Ferrell does a decent job with the Spanish language, but it’s Nick Offerman as a DEA agent who gets the biggest laugh when he speaks Spanish like a man who doesn’t give a shit about pronunciation. While Ferrell is his usual funny self, Bernal and Luna steal all of their scenes, doing tremendously funny things with cigarettes and drinks. It might wear you out before it reaches its ending—stay until after the credits—but you’ll get some good laughs along the way.

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