Stars Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace: Yeah … I gave this a positive review when it first came out. I was young, I was prone to huffing paint, and I didn’t have my priorities straight. That, or this simply just felt better going down in the late ’90s. Maybe seeing it in crap 3-D just brings out the worst in the film, such as the atrocity that is Jar Jar Binks. It’s a little harder to accept the irritating Jar Jar when he’s coming at you in three—or, really, two and a half—dimensions. The 3-D just sort of punches your eyeballs around, especially during the pod races which now look blurry due to the 3-D retrofitting. Liam Neeson’s wig doesn’t benefit from the 3-D; it’s far too vivid and obviously fake. The Darth Maul battle is still cool, but that’s about all for true enjoyment in this new visually abrasive version. Not excited for Attack of the Clones in 3-D. Not excited at all.

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