Mark Wahlberg can be cool in a movie. In fact, he’s cool in most of his movies, and the right director can make the man look like a pro. But, oh boy, when Mark Wahlberg stinks, he stinks real bad. Like, The Happening bad. Wahlberg looks clueless and tired in this movie, and who can blame him? Director Baltasar Kormakur packs this silly actioner full of so many garbage subplots and locales that most actors would probably grow weary. Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) has gone legit after a career as a smuggler. Life is good due to beautiful wife Kate (Kate Beckinsale) and his alarm system business. But when his brother-in-law gets into trouble, Chris goes back into the criminal world, which inexplicably involves long boat trips and gunfights with Panamanians while his wife is terrorized back home by a drug dealer (Giovanni Ribisi). This is an overstuffed mess.

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