The Paranormal Activity movie franchise is a joke. The first film had one good scare, and now the “videotaping ghosts and demons” premise has been stretched into a third tedious movie. This time out, we journey back to the late ’80s, when Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi Rey (Jessica Tyler Brown), the sisters we saw in the first two films, are little ones. The youngest, Kristi Rey, has an imaginary friend that is really a ghost named Toby who likes to play around with her Teddy Ruxpin and knock lamps over. Their stepdad, Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith), does the whole setting up cameras around the house thing, and he videotapes lamps falling down and his kids getting tossed around in their bedroom. Still, Dennis keeps his family in the house and manages to keep operating the camera, even when he’s being attacked. If spoons falling on the ground scare the heck out of you, this is your movie.

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