Summer’s cavalcade of superheroes comes to an amusing, if nowhere near amazing, end with this latest offering from Marvel. While it boasts a slick retro feel and does a good job of showing us what the title character is made of, it comes to up a little short on the action pow. Chris Evans, no stranger to superhero films having done two as the Human Torch in the absolute shite Fantastic Four films, steps into the role of Steve Rogers, a 90-pound weakling eager to fight for his country in WWII. Rogers eventually becomes the subject of a super soldier experiment, blowing up to muscleman size (Actually, Evans’s actual size—he beefed up for this film). The film then becomes a series of action sequences that sometimes bore and sort of blend together. Still, Evans is decent here, and the overall effect is a good one. More than any of the other Marvel films, this one stands as a major setup for next summer’s The Avengers.

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