The idea of Seth Rogen branching out and making a superhero movie sounds like a nifty one; too bad the execution of that idea is a bit of a dud. Rogen plays Britt Reid, spoiled rich son of a media giant (Tom Wilkinson) who takes over the family’s newspaper when dad dies. After a couple of nights out on the town with his trusty mechanic and coffeemaker Kato (Jay Chou), the two resolve to become fighters of boring crime everywhere. Christoph Waltz does his best to make the villainous Chudnofsky scary and amusing, but he comes up short. Cameron Diaz does nothing of worth as the brains of the organization and unconvincing love interest for Rogen. Rogen wrote the script with writing partner Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express), and the genre proves to be a bit much for them. Hey, Rogen had to make a dud someday. History was working against him. Damn you, history!

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