When I first heard Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg would be pairing up in a film for director Adam McKay (Anchorman) I thought it was a brilliant idea. Ferrell always makes me laugh, Wahlberg killed me in I Heart Huckabees, and it just seemed like a perfect pairing—which it is. The duo are atomically funny as two cops trying to take down a financial advisor criminal (Steve Coogan) in New York while dealing with personal issues. Wahlberg’s cop has been forced to sit behind a desk after putting a bullet in an NYC icon, while Ferrell went into law enforcement accounting after some shady dealings in college. The film provides constant silliness, with each actor responsible for an equal amount of laughs. McKay, who is actually a very good action director, mixes in humor that is way out there, the kind I like most. I love the bit where homeless people are constantly trying to have sex parties in Ferrell’s Prius. This is easily one of the year’s funniest movies and another triumph for McKay.

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