Brendan Fraser faces off against conniving animals as his housing project threatens their habitat. Birds shit on him, skunks spray him, and grizzly bears force him into portable toilets and then stick the toilet high above ground in a tree (something bears often do). I actually laughed at this thing early on, but it starts to grate after the first half hour. Even the usually hilarious Ken Jeong comes off as an overacting hack, with Brooke Shields actually getting more laughs than him. That’s right, I said Brooke Shields! The movie is sort of perfect for Fraser, because it’s annoying, stupid, and infantile, just like him—at least when he’s in hyper mode … he’s OK in dramas. There are only so many laughs you can get out of a raccoon doing the “I’m gonna get you!” look. Like, two—you can get two laughs out of that look. After that, it’s all downhill, unless the sight of some dude covered in skunk juice is your idea of hilarity.

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