I walked into this one determined to have a good time, intrigued by
the notion of John Travolta and Robin Williams on-screen together.
While the performers give it their all, director Walt Becker lets them
down in a way that is downright criminal. Williams and Travolta play
BFFs who run a sports agency. Travolta is the swinging bachelor while
Williams is the tight-assed divorced guy. A crazy night seven years ago
produced two children for Williams, and he finds this out while in the
midst of the biggest agency deal of his life. Circumstances make it so
he and the Travolta character must watch the kids for a couple of
weeks, and wackiness ensues. Becker’s directorial style is so
sophomoric, so shrill and so juvenile, he makes his actors look and
sound ugly. Seth Green gets a couple of laughs in the arms of a
gorilla, and the likes of Matt Dillon and Justin Long have worthless
cameos. This is a stupid, mundane and worthless movie.

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